Dear Costumer,

Below is information on the Haironuseful for the maintenance of the same and, at the same time, explenatory of the commercial policy of our company: Hairgoals.

The Warranty

We recommend that you register the tool on our website only in this way the warranty will be activated and we can respond to requests for assistance that will be received.

In the dedicated section of our website, it is indicated the procedure to follow for the activation of the warranty, which, once registered, will protect the owner of the tool (hairdresser or final customer) should any anomalies arise.


The cleaning of Hairon

After each use it is recommended to clean both the plates of the straightener and the outer shell, at the holes for air, in order to preserve the efficiency of the performance of the instrument.

The products used for hair styling (fixers, finish, keratin), can clog the holes and ruin the body.

The simple cleaning with a damp cloth after use, will be enough to remove the residues, safeguarding the instrument by preserving it from wear and increasing its life.

The potential of Hairon

Hairon is practical and intuitive to use, so as to be performing even in less experienced hands.

Its double nature of curling iron and straightener together, allows you to create smooth hairstyles, but also wavy folds or very moved depending on the inclination that you give the tool. The power of the heat combined with the force of the air allows you to give volume to the fold without the slighest effort.

This makes Hairon special and particularly suitable for home use: the exceptional handling of the instrument, equipped with a practical clamp to close the plates, allows you to work the hair with great ease and confidence. Therefore, it will not be difficult for the hairdresser to promote Hairon and sell it to the end user/costumer.

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